Friday, August 1, 2014

Plethora of Produce at the Holt Farmers' Market!

Here is the Stone Circle Bakehouse, whose artisan bread is so good, it usually sells out before the market closes. So while I can't personally testify to the excellence of their bread, because it's full-test gluten,  the sell-outs speak loud and clear. The photo shows Dawn Pray and her trusty helper,Spencer Cosgrove. Spencer is nephew to the baker-owners, Kim and Kevin Cosgrove who started their business in 2008. Remember that year? The depth of the Great Recession. At that time, Kevin worked at the former Holiday Inn as a catering coordinator, who always had a yen to own his own business, and he loved to bake bread. He put all those ingredients together, mixed in some found money, started small, and now has a thriving bakery business! (I just love hearing about these local success stories! Finding a way to pull success out of a recession!). Anyway, Stone Circle also sells at Horrocks, Foods for Living, other farm markets and has a food truck in Mason. Oh! And their bakehouse is on Willoughby, where they have a wood fired oven. You'll find them in the main building, just beyond Greenman's Farms. Can't miss them!
Okay, I confess that I bought so much wonderful, fresh produce at the HFM last Sat ( the 26th) that I won't need to buy much tomorrow. While some women get otta-control buying shoes, my personal passion is fresh, local produce and I want to buy it all! So I didn't go THAT far, but I did get local corn (yay!), tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (which I bought in bulk, to be washed and frozen for next winter's blueberry pancakes, which both my diabetic husband and this gluten-free gal, can eat! I've modified several recipes to make this happen), and Michigan cucumbers. Then I bought a bundle of a variety of broccoli that is quite small, three heads to a bundle. Got those at Rowe's Farm, who, by the way, was sold out of tomatoes and sweet corn when I got there at 1:00...he should have a bigger supply tomorrow, Aug 2. I bought jumbo-sized eggs at Greenman's and a wonderful Honey Rock melon at Falsetta's. Yes, it was from Indiana, but they always ripen before the Michigan melons and are just about as juicy and delicious as the Mitten State's. And, of course, I couldn't get out of the market without buying my personal faves: honey-roasted pecans from Laurie, the honey lady, and hearty corn tortilla chips from Ofilia's Burritos. 
That's it for today; stop by and check us out. I know you'll be glad you did.

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