Friday, July 4, 2014

Winners All

I know I've written previously about Corinne with Break O'Day Farm, the one with free-range chickens, and their eggs, and the "laziest farmer around" husband. Right? But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to feature her again because she is such a winner! In many ways, of course, but most recently she won $500 for a recipe for a fruit pizza she submitted to a magazine! Who else do you know who has done this? Can't say I know anyone else. Go to her website and check it out: and click on "recipes".  I'm hoping she will demonstrate making her prize-winning pizza at the HFM on our new kitchen. She also makes a pizza with a cauliflower-crust and a pizza sauce that is made from beets, for people who can't have tomatoes. Both sound intriguing to me, so I hope she agrees to do it. Please help me persuade her; stop by her stand and chat and mention this blog and that you'd love to see her demonstrate. I think she's a little shy and may need encouragement. Thanks!
  Last Saturday, the 28th, I bought wonderful green beans, and had to pass up the lovely asparagus (surprised it was still available!) only because my husband, Den, asked me to. I also bought strawberries (!who knew??), blueberries, raspberries and some chard which will go in the oven to roast with oil and garlic. I am clueless whether to expect strawberries tomorrow...sorry! I can't give a head's up. I think the farmers are just "winging it" with the unusual weather we're having...a cool, wet spring, etc. etc. So be prepared to be surprised...and enjoy what's available. 

Dennis Greenman's stand always has fresh herbs, so here are a couple of helpful tips: since they are sold in bunches, and even the most prolific home chef can't use them up quickly, try cutting the ends as soon as you get them home. Stand them in a container of fresh water in the refrigerator, with a plastic bag with holes over the top. Snip chives over cooked potatoes, potato soup, salads or anything that would like a nice, mild-onion-taste boost. Mint is equally good steeped to make a refreshing tea, or in the bottom of a glass of I'm told. I've never actually had a mint julep, but if you have, let me know how you liked it. 
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