Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm All About Berries July 11,2014

I'm all about raspberries today, so that you won't do as I did last Saturday. I bought a pint of the delicious, red, sweet-tangy fruit, came home and put them in the 'fridge and forgot about them, what with the holiday and all. Got them out on Monday, and they were moldy. None salvageable. So, LESSON LEARNED! Do as I say, not as I did: 
     - don't stick them in the 'fridge "until later"
     - instead: put them in the sink with cold water to cover and add          some vinegar. ratio: one part vinegar to ten parts water. White          or apple cider vinegar probably work best.
     - Math challenged? 1Tbs vinegar to 10Tbs water (which       
       equals 1/2cup+2Tbs.water). You take it from there.
     - Swish the berries in the water. Drain and THEN refrigerate. 
The vinegar kills any mold spores and other bacteria. Raspberries will last a week or more, and strawberries almost two weeks. I'm putting this info on the HFM bulletin board along with some recipes, and more recipes will go in the shopping bags of those who buy raspberries. Remember how delicate they are; think Princess Raspberry.
Welcome to Jennifer of Jennifer's Crafting Creations. This is her first year at the Holt Farmers' Market, and she's loving it. Although she loves all sorts of needlework, she brings to the market items that are knitted or crocheted and likes to sell practical, usable everyday things such as scarves (check out the pic), booties, hats, gloves etc. Self-taught since age 10, Jennifer gets excited about designing items, and looks at her work as a wonderful, fun hobby. You'll find her in the smaller building, across from Fred's Jerky Products (and salads).

And, YES, there is more to the market than what's highlighted here, including more berries! Get put on the email list to get the complete listing every week; some vendors come every two weeks, for example.  
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