Friday, August 2, 2013

Did I mention FREE coffee and FREE WiFi ?

Yes, get your free coffee at the flower booth, and then ask Misty, the HFM assistant, how to access the free WiFi. Then sit back and enjoy the fun, positive ambience of the Holt Farmers' Market.
Here's the list of all the wonderful produce you can see at tomorrow's market, 8-3-13:
green beans, prossibly  yellow wax beans too; beets, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli and cauliflower; cucumbers as well as the the smaller variety for making pickles ( remember to order these in advance if you want more than a quart), lettuces, sweet onions, peaches, new potatoes, including reds, whites, golden and fingerlings; a few raspberries; ever-bearing strawberries, gooseberries, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, scallions and super sweet corn.
Featured today are two specialty vendors: 
Denise Brzozowski is the Golumbki Gal. She has made golumbkis, which are stuffed Polish cabbage rolls, from an old family recipe for years. So when the Great Recession hit and money got tight, she and husband, John, decided to take this delicious food to the next level, and make some money at the same time. They connected with Incubake (another HFM vendor) learned how to start their own business and moved forward, doing something they love doing. Their golumbki's come in three varieties: traditional, gluten-free and vegetarian, made with portobella mushrooms. While I was interviewing Denise last week, a customer came to the booth, someone who hesitantly had his first golumbki last week. This time, he bought 16 of them and said they were the "best ever!" Find Denise, John and niece, Rachel, in the larger HFM building.
Teresa Norton is the doggie-vendor at HFM. Her dog, Shayla, a Papillion, is the namesake of the business. Teresa has been making doggie treats for 15 years, and went commercial in 2012. She is licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, a difficult license to obtain. In addition to treats, she makes doggie birthday cakes on order, and sells doggie toys made from re-cycled pop bottles, and doggie embellished bandannas. Teresa is located in the larger building.

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