Friday, August 23, 2013

Gone on vacation

I won't be writing a blog this week due to our vacation. We are going to Camp Minitonka on Lake Michigan and I am super excited! I haven't been to Lake Michigan yet this summer, and it's not summer for me until that happens. My husband is from the Bronx, however, and has said he'll try to have a good time camping...for my sake...and has said he'll try not to complain too much. Does that sound like a recipe for success to you? Yeah, same here. I mean, we're sleeping in a cabin, not a tent. What more could he want? 

The real downside to this vacation is that I won't be shopping at the Farmers' Market this Saturday! But I will get vicarious enjoyment from YOU shopping there. Lots of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies...Mich. apples and peaches...maybe cantelopes, summer squash, zucchini....corn and tomotoes, of course. Hand-made, beautiful crafts and specialty foods. Just have a good time there and enjoy living in Michigan.

I'll be back in touch next Friday


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