Friday, August 16, 2013

Featuring two specialty vendors

Meet Marcie Bishop Kates, owner and CEO of Incu-Bake. What's that? Incu-Bake is a kitchen (business)incubator. Being the creative person she is, Marcie was searching for a commercial kitchen to use for her catering business, didn't find one, so decided to create one herself! She's changed her focus a bit from running a catering business to helping other entrepreneurs start their own businesses. To date, 59 food businesses have used her commercial kitchen to prepare their food items and have been licensed to do so.  A number of these sell their items at the Holt Farmers' Market and have been featured in this blog e.g. The Golumbki Gal. In addition, Marcie sells items for Incu-Bake graduates at her market stall, including wonderful dips, sauces, granola and much more. Stop by and see why we're excited about this vendor!
Willow Blossom Farms is truly a family  affair. Lorrie and Shannon are beekeepers, and Willow is their daughter. Mom makes all the products: lip balms, lotions, soaps, honey sticks all made with honey of course. Then she offers many forms of honey: liquid honey in plastic or glass containers; 8oz.,  half-gallons, full gallons, creamed or whipped. She sells honey lolli-pops, honey-pecans (newest hot item) and honey in the comb. Last but not least are her two oz. baby bear containers of honey...which are airplane legal. Meanwhile, Dad works outdoors with the hives, and Willow helps Mom sell items at the HFM. Stop by! you can't miss their bright yellow shirts..  
 I loved the delicious Super Sweet corn from  Greenman's Farm booth, picked that morning. My husband did, too. My favorite apples, McIntosh, also made it to my table, and delicious Michigan peaches. THIS WEEK: Red Haven peaches will be available! The ones I had last week were delicious, I'd give them an A. Red Havens are the A+ of Michigan peaches, in my opinion. So stop by the Holt Farmers' Market, and revel in the tastes of a Michigan summer. 

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