Friday, July 26, 2013

Can You Believe It?!!

Michigan  corn already ripe and ready at the HFM ?? Yes, Sat. July 27, there will be Michigan corn available for you to purchase and enjoy. Locally grown new potatoes also will be there. And next week? Michigan apples and peaches. Unbelievable!  What with ever-bearing produce extending the season, and hoop houses bringing in the produce earlier than usual, we can eat healthy and delicious all market-season long.
So last week, I bought all fruits. We were having my husband's family over for a BBQ and swim, so I wanted to make a fruit salad of all Michigan fruit. I'm experimenting with gooseberries, not having had them as a child. Found them a bit tart, but the flavor is delicious, reminding me of plums.  I added them to the raspberries, blackberries, cherries and strawberries and people just raved.
What I've learned recently at the HFM:
     - raspberries soak up water whichr dilutes the flavor. So don't wash them...but ask the vendor if chemical pesticides were used on the berries. Several vendors don't use these.
     - cabbage rolls: FREEZE the cabbage first. This makes the outer leaves perfect for making cabbage rolls.
     -for easy raspberry jam: Using a 1:1 ratio of sugar to raspberries, boil the berries at medium heat, stirring constantly, for two minutes. Add the sugar and boil and stir for four minutes more. Cool at room temperature, and then refrigerate. Use within two weeks. or freeze. The cool thing is that no purchased pectin is needed; the berries have enough pectin of their own. Another cool thing: if the berries don't jell? Just re-do the process! How easy is that?
Fred Long of Fred's Jerky Products, LLC is the featured specialty food vendor featured today. Fred has been making his wonderful, preservative-free, no-additives, just beef and seasoning jerky for many years. His secret mix was created by his wife, who now brings in tasty no-bake cookies and two kinds of fudge for his booth. Fred has been selling his jerky for several years, and enjoys meeting his customers at farmers' markets, and having them visit him on facebook, which he updates daily.
Contact him: 517-543-7597;
Meet produce vendor, Deepa Iyer aka The Greens Lady because she truly LOVES eating greens. Kale is her fave. Deepa and Gwen Kato raise their produce at Rainbows End Farm, Fowlerville. They use only natural fertilizers, etc. because they are dedicated to building healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people (their slogan). Find them in the smaller building, and at: 517-223-1079 for info about raspberry picking; cell : 517-294-4014;; and . New this year, in addition to fall U-Pick raspberries, hoop-house greens and Healthy Living classes, they are offering a Kids' Camp, where the kids will participate in growing food, picking ripe produce, making their lunches from their "pickings" and much more. Stop by their booth for more info.

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