Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Surprises and Featured Vendors

Surprises: Curly-cued garlic? Yes, there is such a thing!It is green, curly-cued and milder than regular garlic. Also is easier to chop for recipes. Strawberries? Still? Dennis Greenman of Greenman Farms will continue to have a few pints of ever-bearing strawberries throughout the summer. Rowe's Farm, returning for the first time Sat. July 6, was SOLD OUT by noon, before I even arrived at the market! And the French pastry vendors were sold out of their wonderful, gluten-free, delicate and delicious pastry-type cookies when I arrived, though they had plenty of their other pastries. I may have to get to the market earlier than my usual 12:30 time!
Country Products, owned by  Wilbur and Susie Hochstetler, Amish farmers of Charlotte (517) 543-2973, is one of the four produce vendors. They stock a wonderful variety of items, including fresh produce, organic grains, range-free chicken and eggs, honey, jams, maple syrup, butter and cheese, homemade noodles, grass-fed beef and more. Stop by and see Samantha Lass and Sherrie Siemon who work the booth and they will happily answer any questions you may have about the products. You will find them in the smaller building.  
 The  HFM Salsa Lady is Sherrie Schenk, of Schenk's Salsa. Her award-winning, home-made personal recipe is a labor of love. She uses it for soups, chili's and many more items. "My salsa is not just for chips. I use it for marinades, stir fries and lots more, " she told me. Her booth features recipes she is happy to share with customers, and yes, her "Ghostly Hot Salsa" won the Board of Water and Light's  contest in 2012. You will find Sherrie and husband Mike in the larger HFM building, next to the Golumbki Gal, who, by the way, sells the salsa if  Sherrie can't be there. Pictured with Sherrie is her loyal helper, son Donovan.  
Schenk'sSalsa: Sherrie Schenk c. 420-6860 Mike Schenk c. 420-6883,
 The Card Lady, Originals by Carol (Nevins) makes beautiful cards for all occasions, and sells them for practically nothing! Which translates to $2.00/practically nothing. As with all the crafters, she loves what she does, and will take special orders for just about anything. If she doesn't have exactly what you want, she'll happily make it for you and have it ready the next Saturday. So far, I have purchased birthday cards, Father's Day cards and graduation cards from Carol. She's located in the smaller building, usually next to Anna's Creations, although the craft booths are sometimes located in the tents outdoors. Carol is helped by her efficient, cute-as-a-button granddaughter, Olivia. 
Produce at the HFM, Sat July 13: New: Michigan blueberries, zucchini and summer squash, swiss chard. Continuing: gooseberries, ever-bearing strawberries, green beans, fresh herbs, lettuces, rhubarb and more. Expect to enjoy, and try something new.


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