Friday, June 20, 2014

Featuring Greenman's Farm and Gooseberries

What are gooseberries, you may ask? While I personally don't have a lot of experience with them...only one pie, some 30 years ago, which I remember as being tasty, and a little tart,  apparently some people are big fans of the greenish berry. Dennis, of Greenman's Farm, asked me to let people know that he'll have gooseberries for sale in the next couple of weeks. He informed me that people use them for pies, and jelly, and local restaurants have placed orders with him as well. Restaurants use the berries in salads, they drizzle the juice over sweet rolls for a delicious flavor and they find additional uses for the pulp, so nothing is wasted. Local afficianados will need to place their orders early! Call Dennis at 204-4827. 
In addition, Greenman's will have more strawberries on hand (there were plenty for sale last week-end)as well as asparagus, which is getting near the end of its season, chard, fresh herbs including basil, both garlic and onion chives (who knew there were two varieties of chives?? I learn new things every week at the HFM)oregano, thyme and basil and  many more items.
PLEASE NOTE: Nightengale Farms will also have strawberries!as well as other produce. Break O'Day Farm will have organic items, including chickens and eggs, and Falsetta Farms will be selling locally grown items as well.
Some ask me if all the items sold at HFM are locally grown, and/or organic. Short answer? No. Obviously the lemons, limes etc. are not. Vendors sell them in an attempt to be a one-stop shopping place for the customer. And organic? Many farmers grow their produce with little or no chemicals, but this does not qualify them for the official label of "organically grown". It's really a difficult certification to obtain, taking years to get. SOLUTION? Just ask the vendor what's locally and/or organically grown.
I could keep on writing, because I love the market and how it brings good, healthy food to Holt, but lengthy is not good! 
One more note: for the first time this season, we'll have music at the HFM! Yay! Ed, aka Professor Geezer, will entertain from 11:00-1:00. He's back by popular demand.

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