Friday, September 26, 2014

Taylor Taylor

Yes, that's her real name. I think.(see pic below) Her mother confided that Taylor's middle name is Nicole, so  I inferred that Taylor is both her first and last name. I could be wrong about that. One thing I'm sure of is her music and her love of it, and her dedication to it. This very personable young lady, a senior at Okemos High School, who also play varsity volleyball, has played guitar since age eight. She writes her own songs, and loves to perform. This is her passion and her dream is to make it her career. Remember you met her first here at the HFM blog. Her music is on itunes, youtube and at As I was interviewing her, a market shopper had heard her singing, stopped by and bought a CD because "this young lady is going to be BIG," and wanted to be a part of Taylor's success. I hope so, too, because she is a sweet person who believes that "a philanthropic mind and love for music can change the hearts of those who listen."
Remember that many Saturdays the HFM has live music from 11:00-1:00. Check details on the market's website:

Lastly, I need to let you know this will be my last post for now. My circumstances have changed a bit, not in a bad way, but in a way that changes how much time I have available to do some fun things like this blog. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to view all previous posts below, leave comments there or at and enjoy the market. It's a place where good things happen!and..


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