Friday, September 6, 2013

Yes! Featuring Greenman's Farm Produce and The Soap Sisters!

Dennis Greenman is a staunch supporter of farmers' markets, being one of the original vendors at the Holt market, and a vendor at the Meridian market for 32 years. Greenman's Farm Produce is probably the largest vendor at HFM and offers the biggest variety of items including fresh herbs, the only vendor to sell these. Much of his produce is grown on his farm located at 1905 Eiffert  Rd where he also sells produce from his roadside stand.  Dennis will also sell items not locally grown, such as lemons or limes, for the convenience of his customers . One stop shopping is the goal.
While Dennis' day job is selling insurance for Farm Bureau, his second job is planting, growing, harvesting and selling produce. What keeps him going? "I enjoy what I'm doing. I like keeping busy," Dennis told me. " Also, I'm teaching my grandchildren how to work as they help me at the market." One of these is pictured above, holding the peaches. Isn't she adorable?  Stop by, say hello, ask questions, ask for a sample if the item you want is new to you. Dennis is very accommodating, and wants his customers to leave happy, and return the next week for more.
The Soap Sisters are another long-time vendor at the HFM. Pictured above are Sandra, the soap maker, and her daughter, Sammy. Another sister, Leslie found the cute picture that became their logo, featuring a blond woman, and a dark-haired woman  with glasses in a wooden tub! Too cute!  Because Sandra has the dark hair and glasses, and Leslie is the blond.
The sisters began their soap business a number of years ago when an illness showed them the scarcity of skin products that were made entirely from natural ingredients. So they set out to make their own using essential oils for the scents, olive oil and coconut oil, (no soy because this is not good for a woman with hormone issues)  for the base of the products. Sandra hand-carves each bar to fit the customer's hand! Then she uses the resulting "soap ends" to make sachets to be used to scent a drawer/closet or to be used in the shower as a scrubby. Of course I use their products, and love them. You gotta love these craft vendors; their products are works of love as well as excellence.
     Remember to check the bulletin board for recipes; this week's feature will be Judy Tuttle's ratatouille which uses many fresh, summer vegetables, and is easy to make...lasts for days and of course is DELICIOUS! Judy is one of the volunteers at the HFM, and is an excellent cook!
     NEW NEXT WEEK: The Twisted Pretzel: chocolate/gourmet pretzel treats and Big Daddy's Big Doggs, which feature, of course, hot dogs.

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