Friday, September 20, 2013

Featuring Bread and Fresh Produce

Luanne Peeper loves baking, and loves the Holt Farmers' Market! She has always loved baking, but only came to love the HFM in the last year or so. She had been selling her wonderful  breads at another market, and changed because she found the atmosphere so much more friendly and fun at HFM (sound familiar? :) 
Her business is named Lu's Dessert Breads, because they are so delicious, they can be eaten for dessert! She features breads that coincide with the season, so now it's zucchini, but she's sold rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry and soon it will be pumpkin. She also bakes special orders; last Saturday it was apple turnovers. Lu loves to work with people, and immensely enjoys having her satisfied customers return for more.  Find her in the larger building. 

Lansing Roots Farm is actually located near Mason. A part of the Lansing Food Bank, this non-profit helps area refugees learn to garden and then sell their goods at farmers' markets. The goal is to help them learn viable skills, in gardening as well as in entrepreneurship, and selling their produce so they can become self-sufficient. I can tell you from experience that their produce is wonderfully fresh and is chemical-free organic as they can make it without being certified as such. You will find them in the smaller building.

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